Bridal Illustrations by Ruchika Arora

A perfect way to treasure special memories which will never look as dated and will add to your decor to be cherished everyday. You can’t get more WOW than a beautiful handmade illustration of wedding dress or accessories. Illustration have a unique way of capturing style that is different from photography.

Each handmade illustration deserves the love and care, so these precious illustrations reach you framed and wrapped with love to bring a smile.

Every bride puts so much of herself into her signature wedding day style, picks the perfect wedding dress and adds her precious accessories piece by piece. It’s the ‘red carpet’ moment where every bride looks most beautiful. Capture the memories of that style, dress and accessories in an illustration, which will never look as dated and will add to your decor to be cherish every day.

As the illustration is going to be custom made, you have the opportunity to pick and choose from different illustration medium and background based on your preferences. With the careful touch the details of the dress or accessories will be put on paper. Depending upon the design requirement, glitter and other creative ornaments are occasionally used to enhance the illustration.


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