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Ruchika Arora Profile PicIdea of being a creative person was excavated in my mind since childhood. As I grew, it became more protuberant that I have something in me which can be nurtured and can be taken to a professional level. With the support from my loved one and my own dedication, I choose the path towards Fashion designing / illustration. I am glad and proud to be in this profession. Being in this field for so many years, fashion illustration has become the integral part of my life. Having spent 8 years of full time work in this profession, I had to take a break to take care of god’s beautiful gift (my daughter) to me. My passion for fashion illustration never took any break and had continued to imprint my inspirational designs on art books. Through this website, I would like to showcase some of my work which I have always admired.

It’s being almost 4 years now that I have started teaching in fashion illustration in various schools and private sessions in Marietta / Atlanta, Georgia area. I have help students make their fashion illustrations portfolio for successful admission in Fashion Schools.

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